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Are You Financially Ready for Retirement?

Use these 3 steps to find out if you are financially ready to retire at your target age!

Applying for a Mortgage? Here are 9 Tips to Avoid a Delayed Closing

Common ways you could sabotage your mortgage!

5 Things That Impact Your Credit Score

Five factors impact your credit score, but they are not weighed equally.

5 Traps to Avoid When Buying Your First Home

Read about the five most common first-time home buyer mistakes (and how to avoid them).

What is the HOA Capital Contribution Fee?

If your home is part of a homeowners association, you may be responsible for paying the HOA capital contribution fee.

Can I deduct my mortgage interest in 2024?

Your mortgage interest is not always tax-deductible, but here are ways you can find out if yours is.

The Top 10 Home Insurance Myths with Susie Adib

The top home insurance myths we hear from home buyers!

The Ins and Outs of Home Insurance with Susie Adib

Let's acknowledge that accidents, disasters, and acts of nature happen. Your home is your largest investment, and it's essential to protect it with coverage that caters to your lifestyle.

How Much Money You Can Gift Without Being Taxed

If you want to gift money to a loved one to buy a home, the gift tax is not your only tax-free option. Learn about your gift tax and lifetime exclusion options.

Opt-Out of Being a Trigger Lead to Prevent the Onslaught of Calls, Texts, and Emails from Lenders

You have the power to opt out of your contact information being sold as a Trigger Lead to credit bureaus with these two steps. But act now - it must be done before you apply for your loan!

Big Savings For FHA Mortgage Borrowers Just Announced

On February 22, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced a 30 basis point reduction (.3% of the loan balance) to the annual mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) charged to homeowners with a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

With Home Prices Rising, Should You Wait to Buy a Home?

Recent data tells us that if you are ready to purchase a home but have been waiting for home prices to fall, now is the time to get moving. Remember, wealth is not created by timing the market – it’s created by time IN the market. The sooner you buy a home, the sooner you will start building equity and be one step closer to financial freedom.

Should I Buy a Foreclosed Home?

When the market is competitive for buyers because inventory is limited like it has been for the past three years, foreclosed properties seem like a great option, especially for first-time homebuyers or real estate investors. But is it smart to buy a foreclosed property as your primary residence?